Responsible Gaming Policy

Omnibay Private Limited (the “Company”), the operator of this online poker website, (“Website”), strives to endorse responsible gaming as well as improving prevention and avoidance of excessive gaming. This Responsible Gambling Policy sets out not only the Company’s commitments but also your responsibility to promote responsible gambling practices and minimize the negative effects of excessive gaming.


Capitalized terms used herein but not defined in this Responsible Gaming Policy will have the meanings ascribed to them in the Website Terms and Conditions, as available at and which are incorporated by reference into this Responsible Gaming Policy.

We are committed to ensuring that you enjoy your gaming experience on our Website while remaining fully aware of the social and financial effects associated with excessive gaming. We offer and promote our skill games as an enjoyable entertainment activity and believe that gaming can remain this way only if you play responsibly and stay in control. This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.


If you choose to play on our Website, there are some general guidelines that can help make your playing experience safer, and reduce the risk that problems associated with excessive gaming can occur:

- Purchase Play Money only with money that you can afford to spend.

- Never purchase Play Money with money that you need for important or essential things such as food, rent, bills, or tuition.

- Pre-plan your purchases and the time you will spend playing on the Website and stick to that limit. regardless of your performance.

- Don't play when you are upset, tired, or depressed. It is difficult to make good decisions when you are feeling down.

- Do not put off personal and other important tasks in order to play. Complete all your important tasks so that you can play with a free and calm mind.

- Balance your playing with other activities. Find other forms of entertainment so playing does not become too big a part of your life.

- Do not borrow money in order to make purchases on the Website.

- Avoid using all of the Play Money purchased by you in a single game or session.

- Take time outs and breaks regularly.


The Company adopts a stringent policy against underage Users (i.e. Users aged below 18 years). To diminish the chance of false/undesired purchases and the possibility of the Website acting as a source of distraction to those pursuing basic or undergraduate education, we ask for identification and documentation if we suspect a User is under 18 years. The accounts of any Users identified to be underage and playing on the Website will be deactivated or deleted immediately.

Although we dedicate a significant amount of time and resources to ensure there are no minors playing on the Website, we feel this prevention works best as a shared responsibility between us and the minor’s parents/guardians. Provided below are a few tips that you can follow in order to ensure that minors, such as your children do not game on our Website:

- Do not leave your PC or mobile device unattended if you are logged in to the Website.

- Be sure to protect your PC and mobile device and set up password/credential control in order to use and access such devices.

- Install/employ child protection software on your children’s devices in order to prevent them from accessing the Website or any of the services we offer through the Website.

- Use a strong password that is hard to decipher for your User Account. You can elect to have the Website software to not remember your password each time you log-in. If you have any concern that somebody else might attempt to access your User Account, you should not allow the software to remember your password.

- Do not save your credit/debit card details while purchasing Play Money and please make sure that undesired purchases are avoided as all purchases made on the Website are irreversible.

- Maintain close supervision of your User Account activity in order to limit unauthorized access to the Website


You can close your account at any time for any reason by simply contacting our Support Team at [email protected]. Please note that an account closed under our standard account closure mechanism can be reopened at any time by contacting our Support Team. However, if you feel you are at risk of developing an unhealthy addiction to gaming or believe you currently have an unhealthy addiction to gaming, we would advise that you consider self-exclusion – an explanation of self-exclusion is outlined in the below section (self-exclusion).


We offer a self-exclusion facility to help you if you feel that your gaming is affecting you negatively and you want assistance to help stop. At your request, we will prevent you from using your account for a specific period, as determined by you.

Should you wish to self-exclude yourself from using your account, Please click on profile and opt from the responsible gaming tab. You can set the Deposit Limit, Loss Limit or Session Limits. You can also self-exclude for a particular period or permanently through settings. Any Increase in limit set, the changes will be effective post 7 days however decrease in limits will effect immediately.

Please write to [email protected] for any special request, which will be done if approved by management.
Once the period has lapsed, your account will be reopened. Please note that any self-exclusion request granted is irreversible for the duration of the time for which it was originally operationalized.

Entering into self-exclusion is a joint commitment from us and you. We will take reasonable steps to prevent you from re-opening your Account or opening new accounts with us. However, during the period of your exclusion, you must not attempt to re-open your account or to try and open new accounts on our Website. You have the option to restrict yourself from the marketing emails and included yourself in the Do Not Disturb list by sending us an email at [email protected]



The Company may at its discretion, temporarily place a block on your access to your User Account in case it detects any abnormal or unusual activity such as extremely large and frequent purchases of Play Money being made on your User Account Website. In such instances, the Company shall also communicate with you to make you aware of the potential financial implications of your activities. You will receive an email from the Support Team upon the Company placing any blocks on your User Account.

The Company may also place a temporary block on your User Account in the event the User’s Know Your Customer (KYC) information has not been provided to the Company or is outdated until you provide appropriate documentation to the Company in order for the Company to verify your KYC details.


Please note that any self-exclusion/block/closure placed by the Company will apply to your User Account as a whole and that you will be prevented from playing any and all games available on the Website during any self-exclusion/blockage/closure period.

You will be automatically unregistered from any tournaments that begin after your User Account is self-excluded/blocked/closed. In addition, you will not receive any marketing emails or newsletters from us regarding the Website for the period of self-exclusion/blockage/closure.


By default, the company permits users to deposit a min of Rs 50 & max of Rs 500,000/- in aggregate, over a period of 24hrs. in the event you wish to modify your deposit limits. You may do so using the Responsible Gaming Self Limitation tool.


In case you have any queries or require any clarifications regarding this Responsible Gaming Policy, you can contact us through the following channels:

Email: [email protected]

Live chat:

Phone Helpline: 1800 – 266-7055 (Toll free)

Omnibay Private Limited strives to assist a player who requests help and support for potential negative effects of gaming through several means. Users may contact us on [email protected] to get assistance on restricting their spartan account.


If you believe that playing games might be a hindrance to your life rather than a form of entertainment, we want to help you. First, please view the following questions:

1. Has poker caused you to lose time from important activities in your daily life?

2. Have you ever indebted yourself financially to fund your poker bankroll?

3. Have you ever considered self-destruction or suicide as a result of your playing?

If your answer to the above questions is “YES”, we encourage you to send an email on [email protected] and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. 


Identify and reduce the risks

If you choose to play online, some general guidelines can help make your playing experience safer and reduce the risk of problems occurring.

1. Play for entertainment and not as a way of making money. Poker should be played recreationally and only with funds that you can afford to lose.
2. Play stakes you’re comfortable with, playing on higher stakes may not help you recover losses.  
3. Don’t play when you are upset, tired or depressed, It is difficult to make good decisions when you are feeling down.  
4. Balance your play with other activities. Find other forms of entertainment so that playing does not become a big part of your life.  
5. Do not play when you are intoxicated. 



We offer you the option to set different Responsible Gaming limits to help you play responsibly. You can set these limits by yourself or even by contacting support.

You may set limits for

1. Set limits on your real money deposits to the amount you can deposit during a specified period.
2. You may choose to completely stop deposits on your account but continue to play freerolls and withdrawals any winnings from the same.  
3. Alternatively, you may have your account locked which would prevent you from playing on the website. 

Once the limit is been set, it is irreversible for 7 days.



Age verification

Any player who has provided dishonest or inaccurate information regarding his/her true age may have all winnings forfeited.

1. Every person signing up for a new account confirms that they are at least 18 years of age. This confirms everybody that everyone playing on our websites is over the age of 18 years.  

2. We do not target underage players with our marketing and advertising. It is neither good business nor consistent with our personal and corporate values to attract underage players.


Setting Limits:


A player can set his deposit limits by login into his account. These limits can be set on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Increasing your deposit limits take 7 days to come into effect. A Decrease is immediate. In case of any change needs to be made before these 7 days, kindly contact our support team for further assistance.


Steps to set Deposit limits:  
- Click on “Set limit”  

 - Enter the deposit limit, you wish to deposit. Enter your password and click on “Set”



A player can now set his loss limits too. If the player notices that he is now in losses by the transactions he has done with Spartan Poker, he may set his loss limits too. These limits can be set ona daily, weekly or monthly basis. Increases to your limits take 7 days to come into effect. Decreases are immediate. In case of any changes to be done before these 7 days, kindly contact our support team for further assistance.


Steps to set Loss limits:

- Click on “Set limit”.



You may restrict yourself and set session limits i.e. you may set limit/ restrict yourself playing on Spartan Poker. Increases to your limits take 7 days to come into effect. Decreases are immediate. In case of any changes to be done before these 7 days, kindly contact our support team for further assistance.


Steps to set “Session limit”

- Add the session limit you wish to set for your account.

  - Click on “Set limit” and add your Spartan password to set a limit.


Monthly spend is the value of deposits you wish to set for the specific month. Increases to your limits take 7 days to come into effect. Decreases are immediate. In case of any changes to be done before these 7 days, kindly contact our support team for further assistance.


Steps to set Monthly Spend

- Click on “Set limit”

- Enter the limit amount you wish to set and add your password to set a limit.



Self-exclusion is to exclude yourself from any gaming activity for the set limit. You may exclude yourself from playing on Spartan temporarily or permanently. Increases to your limits take 7 days to come into effect. Decreases are immediate. In case of any changes to be done before these 7 days, kindly contact our support team for further assistance.

Steps for Temporary Exclusion:

- Add the number of days of exclusion and then click on “Set limit”

- Enter the password to set a limit.


Steps for Permanent Exclusion:
 - For permanent Exclusion, click on the tick box available 

 - Enter the password to set a limit.



FAQ – Setting Limits

1) For how many days is the limit valid?
- The limit set is valid until the next change is done. The next change done will be into effect within 7 days. 

2) Can we set deposit limits for daily, weekly and monthly together?
- Yes. You can set limits on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The limit will be in effect on immediate basis and the next change will be into effect within post 7 days. 

3) How can I view the balance amount from the limit set on my id?
- To check your pending limit option (Daily, weekly, monthly) kindly follow the below steps:  

• Login to your account using user id and password

• Click on “Deposit Limit” tab

• To check the limit under “Pending limit” option

4) In case if I have set a deposit limit today, can I change it tomorrow?
- Yes. You may change the limit as the set limit will take 7 days to come into effect. 

5) What if I’m in the middle of one tournament and my session time limit gets over?
- Once your session time is over, you may again login to your account using your login id password to continue with the tournament you’re playing. 

6) While playing I want to change the session limit as well?
- The session limit will be effective within 7 days.  

7) Can I exclude myself from playing on Spartan Poker?
- You may exclude yourself from playing on the Spartan Poker platform, permanently or temporarily. 

8) What if I block my account permanently and then wish to play again?
- Permanent self-exclusion are non-reversable  

9) What if I block my account temporarily for a few days, post which I wish to play one of the featured tournaments?
- All self-exclusions are non-reversable, if you block yourself for a particular time period, you have to wait till that time has passed 

10) Can I unlock my account again once I have locked my account permanently?
- Permanent self-exclusions are non-reversable 

11) If I won a tournament ticket which is more than my daily buy-in limit, will I be able to register for the tournament?
- No, you will not be able to register in a tournament via ticket, if it is worth more than your daily limit. The limit is applied to all kinds of currency including tickets. 

12) If I have won a ticket to the tournament, and I have buy-in for the tournament which is as per my daily buy-in limit, will the ticket be valid in the account or the ticket will go in inactive status?
- The ticket will remain active so you can use it later. 

13) If I set my buy-in limit to Rs. 5000 and I play two tournaments in one day of Rs. 2500 INR and Rs. 3000 buy-ins each, will I be able to buy in again at the time of the second tournament? 
- You will not be able to buy into the second tournament. Your limit, in this case, is Rs.5000, and your total buy-in for the day (2500+3000=5500) would exceed it. 

14) What if the buy limit for the day is less than the buy limit for the tournament I wish to buy for that day?
- If buy-in to some tournament costs more than your daily limit, you will not be able to buy-in.