Heads Up Poker

If you love aggressive play and shine in the face of fierce competition, then heads-up tournaments were created just for you. Heads up are unique poker tournaments featuring player against player in a no holds barred action. You fight for the chips until one player has claimed them all. Heads up poker is often crowned as the ultimate test of your poker skills. This is why some poker professionals pride themselves on playing heads-up poker exclusively. Heads up poker is revered to such an extent that a few of the top poker cash game players have standing challenges open to play heads up against anyone, at any time and for any amount. This is surely a big claim to make, but it is put on such a pedestal that it needs no justification.

Reasons to Play 'Heads Up' Tourneys

  • Heads up tourneys require players to play almost every hand. This translates to more experience and lots of action. You get the chance to learn how to play with a variety of starting hands and gain unbeatable experience.
  • Your experience playing heads-up tourneys can come in very handy when playing Multi Table Tournaments and Sit n Go Tournaments.
  • When it comes to Heads up tourneys played on multiple tables, players get lengthy breaks between their playing sessions. You can use this time to make the best decisions and bag the prize money.

So, now that you know just how important heads up poker is you must surely want to try your hand at it. You can check out our strategy for winning heads up tourneys below.

'Heads up Poker' Strategy

When playing tournament poker, you must follow some pointers to formulate the right strategy.

  • When it comes to heads up your best bet is to play loose. Well, this is of course, in part because you don’t have the luxury of playing only the strongest hands.
  • Heads up is the best time for you to use all the casino games that you may have picked up along the way when it comes to poker. Learn to read your opponent and exploit their weaknesses. Their tells are your strongest weapons in this head to head tournament.
  • Be careful when the blinds start increasing, this is when you need to cut back on the amount you are open-raising and begin protecting your stack. This kind of dynamic play is exactly what will keep you on top of the game.
  • Heads up tourneys are long affairs that take time to pay off. You need to keep your head in the game and wait till you cash in the later rounds. Play your best game and leave the rest. One round at a time should be your philosophy.

These are some of the best tips and the best strategy for heads up tournaments. The only sure shot way to do well in any poker game is practice.

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