Betting in Poker

If you wish to conquer the world of poker, your best way to begin would be by understanding the betting structure in poker. Poker betting rules are essential to learning as this is the only way you can navigate through the table till you reach the pot. Plenty of emphases is placed upon poker strategies, hand rankings and variants for beginners to learn but knowing the betting structure and how to go about with it is what makes the difference. Players lose when they could win and win less when they could win bigger only because they don’t understand how to make the most of the chips that they have at hand. So, today we look to share with you some much-needed insights regarding poker bets.

Poker Betting Rules

During a street in a poker game, you have the option to bet, call, raise, flop and even occasionally check. Using these poker actions, you can make the most of your hands, your BRM and also attempt to bluff. This will mostly come in handy to you while playing the most popular variant of the game, Texas Hold’em Poker where betting is done as per limits.

  • No-Limit Hold’em: In this game type, there are no limits to bet or raise. You can decide to bet your entire stack in any of the betting rounds. The big blind acts as the minimum betting size in this format and the minimum raise is the same as the previous raise or bet.
  • Pot-Limit Hold’em: As the name suggests, players in this format are restricted to raise only as much as the total pot size beyond which they are not permitted to bet. This is also the rarest form of Texas Hold’em played online, but you are bound to benefit from it with a limited BRM.
  • Fixed Limit/Limit Hold’em: In this game type, players can bet, call or raise only to be a specific limit. The betting size depends on the game and is determined at the time you register. Also, the number of raises allowed in a betting round is limited as well generally ranging up to four times.

Going All-in

An interesting betting option available to players is to go all-in. The implications of this could be adverse in terms of either benefiting the player or doing complete damage. Sometimes it is a move done under desperation, other times it is a well-calculated decision. Players can also be bluffed into going all-in if done correctly. Your risk-taking appetite, BRM, seriousness in the game, everything has to be taken into consideration before putting all your chips on the line. In terms of the main pot and side pot aspect of a player going all-in, it is to be noted that whoever puts everything they have in the middle of the table cannot compete for the side pot. The player deciding to go all-in can only win the main pot wherein all his value has been transferred.

Players typically go all-in under two cases. The first one could be where they dare to do so by not having enough money to make a call. The second situation could be where they do have the money to make a call on a raise but still proceed to put all their chips on the line. In case the player goes all-in due to lack of funds, the next player makes a call or raises depending on the one who played before the all-in player (last player to make a full bet). Whereas, if the player goes all-in while being able to make a call, then the next player to act will have to make a call or raise on the all-in bet.

Types of Bets in a Poker Game

There are a few major types of bets that you must know of that are applicable for your next try at the table.

  • The Value Bet: The value bet is when you believe in having the best poker hand at the table and are confident that you are the one to win the pot. In this case, the challenge for you is to think of a way to increase the size of the pot, so you win big. Naturally, you also cannot excessively bet since it might intimidate your opponents into folding which you obviously do not want.
  • The Continuation Bet: The continuation bet brings in an aspect of poker that is inevitable to its reputation – bluffing. When you show strength and raise before the flop, you are signalling towards having a stronger hand. However, if you actually miss the flop, then what do you do? If you decide to play with the perception of tricking your opponents into believing that you did not miss the flop, then you make a continuation bet.
  • The Probe Bet: The probe bet acts as a bet to retrieve information about your opponent’s playing hands. Very similar to the continuation bet, except that now the tables have turned. Your opponent has shown strength before the flop and is now showing weakness. This could be because he may have missed the flop, he wants to attempt slow-play, or he could feel you have a better hand. You simply bet 2/3rd of the pot size and either guarantee a pot win then and there or at least force him to act.
  • The Slow-play Bet: The slow-play bet is yet again based on the aspect of bluffing. This could be an incredibly profitable move to make if done tactfully or could run you into needless losses. In a slow-play bet, you actually hold a good hand but force your opponents into believing that you don’t which allows them to play even more aggressively and add additional chips to the pot. In the end, you could make one big move and win it all.
  • The Overbet: The overbet is when you go ahead and make a massive bet. You do this either to bluff your opponents into thinking you have a stronger hand, or you do it because you wish to increase the size of the pot by actually having the stronger hand. Either way, if it backfires, it could cost you a lot. However, if you are positive that you hold the nuts, then go for it without much thought.

By understanding when to bet and when not to, you give yourself a launching pad at the poker table to win even bigger. The different types of betting styles we told you about will surely help you provided you use them in the right situations. And if you think you’ve learnt it all, why not play a game of Texas Hold’em on Spartan Poker? You could even enrol for one of our big money poker tournaments. Better yet, join us now and avail a special bonus reward. Download the Spartan Poker official Poker app to keep your favourite game within reach of your pocket and play poker online against millions of poker fans on an authentic and enjoyable platform. If online poker is what you love, Spartan Poker is the place to come.