My Buddies

Adding "My Buddies" feature to the poker lobby was a no brainer. Online poker is all about having a good time with your poker buddies and winning a lot of money. Most players do not know each other when they play a cash game or tournament unless they are friends before.

And then, the My Buddies? feature allows you to make new friends, who obviously share the same interest as you and that is, online poker. You can add a player on that you would like to be your poker buddy. Remember, with skill games like poker, there is no loser, there is only learning!

Adding a buddy has several advantage; you can rail or encourage your poker buddy if you wish to learn from him/her, you can join his/her table and take advantage if you think he/she is a fish or you might just want to have a good time with your poker buddies. All, a part of the fun.

This feature can be put to good use with the Find Player feature. Once you have added a poker buddy, you need not remember the screen name; just go to you buddy list and find your poker buddy wherever he/she is currently playing on SpartanPoker India.
You can also use Create Private Table and invite your poker buddies to play with you on it. You can also create your OWN POKER CLUB and maximize your online poker experience.

How to Add Poker Buddies

  1. Right click on the username of the player you wish to add to your poker buddies list.
  2. Click on "Add Buddy" My Buddies Feature

  1. Click on Options Tab
  2. Select "My Buddies"
  3. Pop up with your buddy list will open.

Let’s get right into it!

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