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The "Find Player" feature in our poker lobby is more than just a fun feature. It can help you be a profitable online poker player. While most players use it simply so that they can play at the same table with their poker buddies, there also is another set of players that use this feature strategically to play with or even avoid certain players.

It is important in online poker, if you want to maximize your earnings, to avoid opposition stronger than yourself at times. If you are a smart poker player who wants to improve and make money, these are the small yet significant details you have to keep in mind.

The Find Player feature not only lists the table id or tournament id that the player is playing on or registered for, but also more in-depth details like game type, stakes/buy-in and number of players on the table or tournament registrations. You could also be simply looking for "payback" from a player who you think defeated you once or twice by sheer timing. With the "Find Player" feature, you could go ahead and seek that grudge match against your arch-rivals. More enjoyment!

Hence, as you can see, the "Find Player" tool can mean different things to different people. Find Player Feature

  1. Click on "Options" in the poker lobby
  2. Select "Find Player"


  3. Pop up opens with an option to find the player you want
  4. Click on "Open Tables" to view and join the table where that particular player is playing on
  5. "Close" to cancel.


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