IPC Awards

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The new year holds a lot of new possibilities for poker players all around the country. From the IPC to the IOPC, 2020 is going to begin with a bang and Spartan Poker is set to go all in! Another great addition to the action will be the IPC Awards 2020, which will give players and representatives of the poker community a chance to unwind and interact with each other.

The prestigious awards ceremony will facilitate a number of winners from the recently concluded India Online Poker Championship (IOPC) and also the winners from the high-value tournaments hosted on Spartan Poker. The IPC Awards 2020 will felicitate all the top poker players from across the country and will play host to a number of prominent celebrities and poker enthusiasts from around the country.

The IPC Awards 2020 will be hosted at the Big Daddy Casino in Goa on 14th January. With a number of activities and acts planned for all the attendees, the event promises to be a night filled with action and fun. The event will also have a number of surprise performances which is bound to leave the audience awestruck.

The third edition of the IPC Awards is set to be an extravagant event for poker enthusiast. The main aim of the awards ceremony is to make poker a much more accepted mind sport and to encourage players to take it up not just as a hobby but as a profession by facilitating them for their efforts in the field.

So, save your dates because you’ll be making your way to the Big Daddy Casino in Goa for the IPC Awards!

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