Fantastic Freeroll

Poker Freerolls: Your ticket to big wins

Who said you need big money to play poker? You don’t. In fact, on Spartan Poker, one of the most exciting online poker destinations, you can play poker games free every day and still stand a chance of winning prize money. Say hello to daily online poker freerolls.

The freeroll poker basics

These are the beginner’s best friend, allowing you to play without an investment in tournaments and still win money. They are a great way for you to gain tournament experience, try out different variants of poker, and connect with players of all levels.

Freeroll poker are online poker tournaments spread across multiple tables and open to all registered players. Many leading platforms organize freeroll poker tournaments that let you win exciting prizes and cash rewards without entry fee.

Spartan Poker has some of the most exciting poker tournament on offer for newbies. We host a free tournament almost every half hour throughout the day and every hour through the night. You get to play for real money without losing any.


Checkout the Freerolls Schedule Below:

Multi-table tournaments


Since free rolls are played across multiple tables, you must become a master at playing many games at once and switching between them with ease. Spartan Poker makes it easy for you to play these tournaments by providing you with just the tools you need – Tiling and Stacking.

Tiling: Tiling makes it a breeze for you to switch between tables. All the tables that you are playing in are arranged as tiles on your screen, giving you a clearer view of what’s going on in each table. You can resize any table you wish depending on the state of play and switch between games at will. This way you can maximise your chances of winning. You can quickly fold at tables where you don’t have a good hand and focus your attention on tables where you are more likely to win.

Stacking: Stacking is a preferred choice for players who engage in a high numbers of guaranteed poker tournaments simultaneously. Here, each table is placed one on top of each other in a stack. When it is your turn to play at any table, that window will be automatically brought to the front for you to act. The advantage to the stacking method is that you can choose to play at many more tables at the same time since the active table automatically pops-up at the time of your turn. The increased size of tables allows you to view everything happening in that game when it is your turn to play. You do not have to physically move the cursor across the screen to place the bets or choose the tables each time.

Which method should you choose while playing free online tournaments? It’s up to individual preference. At Spartan, we give you both options to test and adopt.

The more poker you play online, the better will be your odds at winning. As you get more comfortable with multi-tabling, you will find yourself performing more effectively at poker tournaments online, and that is the key to making the most of freeroll poker games.

Choosing the right tournament

Should you play all the available freerolls? Is there any way to choose tournaments where you stand a better chance of winning? The answer is to choose one that doesn’t have too many entrants. The more the entrants, the longer the tourney will be and the lesser the chances you have of winning.

Free poker game strategies:

1. Play every freeroll: Play as many as you can. The more you play, the better you will get at tournament play and the higher your chances of winning bigger tournaments. Besides, these are like a party with on-the-house food and fun. Who passes up on that?

2. Avoid Early All-InsMany new players are tempted to go all-in even before the flop if they have strong pocket cards. It may not always be a good strategy. You may encourage other players to fold, lowering the pot size, or you may end up getting a bad flop and losing your bankroll.

3. Don’t take a freeroll lightly: You may think of it as a free tournament and play as if you have nothing to lose. But you should use this as an opportunity to build your game. Playing loose can become a habit and you may hurt your overall play.

4. Try different strategies: This is a great way to experiment with strategies and see how they work for you. In one game, play it tight, take calculated risks in another and so on.

5. Bluff goes a long way: Sharpen your bluffing skills as well as your ability to call a bluff. You should practice the art of reading a table and the game of other players. Observing keenly and keeping track of how others are playing will give you good insight into your own game.

6. Watch your emotions: Poker can be an intense game, and many players go through a gamut of emotions. This kind of tournament is a great way to experience these and practice keeping them under control. You will need all the confidence when you play games with real money.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Who can play a freeroll?

All players registered on Spartan Poker can play a freeroll.

2. How can I find a freeroll?

Our tournament schedules are updated daily and are published. We have one almost every half to one hour.

3. How much can I win?

Depending on the tournament, you can win anywhere from Rs 500 to Rs 10000

4. What does GTD mean?

GTD stands for guaranteed. It means that the prize money is guaranteed

5. Why do you offer freerolls?

These are promotional offers to encourage new players to get familiar with the game and play a poker game for free.

6. How do I get a payout when I win a tournament?

The wins are credited to your Spartan Poker account and you can use it to play paid games.

7. Is there a limit to how many freerolls I can play?

You can play as many as you like. You must register for them. If a slot is available, you can play.

8. Is freeroll poker right for me?

If you are just beginning to play poker, you may want to try out these free tournaments as they allow you to build skill without losing money. If you are an experienced player, this may not be your cup of tea, and you may want to try out some of the other games.

9. What is the benefit of playing a poker game free?

The benefit is obvious. You get to learn the game without staking any money, and if you are good, you could even win rewards or prize money. It also allows you to hone your skills and strategies across multiple formats and against different kinds of opponents.

10. What are the disadvantages of freeroll poker?

One of the disadvantages is that tournaments with a larger number of players take longer to complete and diminish your chances of winning.

Also, these kinds of games have many beginners who can skew the game and make it less of a challenge for experienced players.

Are you ready to put on your game face? Then sign up for a Spartan Poker freeroll and start playing poker games free!

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