Daily Tournaments Schedule
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Daily Tournament Schedule

Everyday Poker Essentials! Everything you need to win more and win big, it’s all in here. Take a look at our exciting set of tournaments. The best-in-class. Which are the ones on your list? Is it the 10K GTD Insomniac; the Afternoon Hi-Fi, giving away Rs. 2,50,000; or is it our all-time favorite 125K GTD Afternoon Showdown, with a prize pool of Rs. 1,25,000?

What's your pick? Which one ignites that poker fire inside you? Not sure? Don't worry, there is a lot in store to choose from. Check out the below schedule and blow your minds off, because this daily tournament schedule has a prize pool of humongous EIGHT CRORE plus GTD. Start playing now and grab the prizes every day only with Spartan Poker.

 At Spartan, we believe in making the game worth it. And in order to do so, we have introduced a massive bunch of online poker tournaments that are bound to excite the poker enthusiast within you.

Terms & Conditions:

1. The online poker tournaments are strictly adhered according to the given schedule.
2. Your participation in the tournament is valid after submitting the “Buy-in” money as specified in the tournament.
3. Whenever there would be a guaranteed prize to the winners, the same would be divided amongst the winners based on the number of players who have entered the online poker tournaments. The number of players participating in the tournaments can be checked in the tournament lobby.
4. The winner must provide their image, video and interview for media bytes.
5. 'The Centurion' will be in a Boost format, every Wednesday. 
6. For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer
Legal Terms and Conditions

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