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It's a time where every hand counts.

In order to do our bit towards battling this pandemic, Spartan Poker commits to donating all tournament fees collected from all Windfall tournaments from 22nd March 2020, in order to assist in the fight against this virus for as long as it takes.

Spartan Poker pledges to contribute a minimum amount of INR 3 Lakhs every month and with your help, this number can go up further. Your contribution will be vital in the fight to help control the spread of this virus.

You can read all the advised protocol at the World Health Organisation website.

Check out the schedule below:

That's not all, play maximum Windfall tournament and win from a Leaderboard of 1+K!

NOTE: Top 3 players will get 4 windfall tickets worth 55 each.

Windfall Deposit Offer:

Deposit Rs. 500 with Code "WINDFALL500" and get free tickets to windfall tournaments worth Rs. 500. 

Check out the ticket details below:

Terms & Conditions :

1. Tickets cannot be exchanged for TM or cash

2. Unused tickets would expire after 30 days

3. A player can use the code only once.

4. For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer Legal Terms and Conditions

Payment Accepted