Spartan Royalty Cash
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Spartan Royalty Cash

Spartan Royalty Program is a popular and much-loved cash promotion of Spartan Poker. Offering rewards like never before and boosting the spirits of spartan players, Spartan Royalty Program has become a famed cash promotion in the poker arena. SpartanPoker has introduced Spartan Royalty Program. Now with Royalty Cash, you can avail up to 60% cash back weekly. Just Opt-in with the code “CASH” to relish the benefits of amazing cash backs.


1. Players can switch between the Treasure and Cash Programs any time without any restrictions or loss of points.

2. To switch from Treasure to Cash, player needs to opt-in with code: CASH

3. To switch from Cash to Treasure, player needs to opt-in with code: TREASURE

4. Upon switching, player will automatically be opted out of the Royalty program previously opted in for.

5. Rewards will be paid out in cash chips & does not have any additional withdrawal criteria.

6. If OPT-IN code is not used, then the player will not be eligible for this promotion.

7. Cash points will be calculated only for the period the player remains Opted-in for Royalty Cash Program.

8. Real Cash Prizes will be credited to your player account. Standard withdrawal policies apply.

9. Only Cash Points generated in session which end before 5:29 AM on Sundays will be considered for that week’s rewards.

10. TDS will be applicable on cashouts as per standard withdrawal policy.

11. Players will only earn Cash points from Poker & OFC Cash Games.

12. Your Cash points will be updated every morning by an SMS on your registered mobile number.

13. Opt-In for the Royalty Cash Program is only valid till 31st October 2019.

14. For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer https://www.spartanpoker.com/legal-terms-condition

Use Code : CASH

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