Royalty Cash

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Royalty Cash Cashback Program

Royalty Cash Program 

Introducing new and exciting tournament along with mind-blowing cash promotions- Spartan Poker's presents "Royalty Cash Program"; one of India's biggest cash program online. The royalty cash program online is offering as low as 20% to a whopping 60% cashback by participating in cash games at Spartan Poker. The percentage of your royalty points increases based on the cash points you have generated over the week. And that's not it, you also get paid out without cashback earned every week. Yes, you heard it right! Even the qualifying players will be paid out every week.

So, the more you play, the more you win. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? For participating in Royalty Cash use the code “CASH”.

To participate in Spartan Poker's Royalty Cash Program Online via:


Login using below link -> Click My Account ->Then click on Deposit Now tab ->Click on Promotional Program -> Enter the Code

Click to enter Code

Mobile App:

Login into your Spartan Poker Mobile App -> Click on Menu(on the top left) -> Click on Promo Code -> Enter the Code


Login into your Spartan Poker Desktop Client -> Click on Cashier -> Click on Promo Code -> Enter the Code

Benefits of playing poker for cash:

  •  Highest Cash Back for Poker in the country! Up to 60% cashback!
  • Cash Reward Program awards you with a minimum 20% going all the way to 60% cashback weekly in Real Cash Chips.
  •  Get rewarded for as low as 30 Cash Points earned
  •  No penalties to players who miss out on playing on a day-to-day or month-to-month basis!

Weekly Payout

Play poker for cash and get real cash in your Spartan Account every Sunday!

How to Switch Between Royalty Treasure and Royalty Cash?

Switching Made Easy!

Players can switch between the Treasure and Cash Programs any time without any restrictions or loss of points. 

  •  To switch from Treasure to Cash, the player needs to opt-in with code: CASH
  •  To switch from Cash to Treasure, the player needs to opt-in with code: TREASURE
  •  Upon switching, the player will automatically be opted out of the Royalty program previously opted-in for.

How to Redeem the Prizes?

Chips will be auto-credited in your account every Sunday at 6 AM.

Things to Keep in Mind

The Royalty program is a much-loved cash promotion of Spartan Poker. It is the perfect choice for players who want to earn some money playing online poker whether they choose to opt for Cash or Treasures or both. All you need to keep in mind while participating in the royalty cash program is:

  • You MUST opt in using code "CASH" for the cashback program.
  • Even though you can participate in both the programs i.e. The Royalty Cash or The Royalty Treasure but not at the same time.
  • You will need to use the above-mentioned switching procedure to participate in both the tournaments.
  • You can switch between the Treasure and Cash Programs any time without any restrictions or loss of points.

For any queries, email Spartan customer support at [email protected]


1. Rewards will be paid out in cash chips & does not have any additional withdrawal criteria.
2. If OPT-IN code is not used, then the player will not be eligible for this promotion.
3. Cash points will be calculated only for the period the player remains Opted-in for Royalty Cash Program.
4. Real Cash Prizes will be credited to your player account. Standard withdrawal policies apply.
5. Player may Opt-In for the Royalty Cash Program only till 30th June 2019.
6. Only Cash Points generated in session which end before 5:29 AM on Sundays will be considered for that week’s rewards.
7. TDS will be applicable on cashouts as per standard withdrawal policy.
8. Players will only earn Cash points from Poker & OFC Cash Games.
9. Your Cash points will be updated every morning by an SMS on your registered mobile number.
10.For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer
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