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Spartan Poker

Go all out in Spartan Poker's newest cash promotion - Reshuffle featuring astounding rewards, game-changing poker & yet another exciting scoring opportunity from  19th October to 25th October.

Surprise rewards for every 100 hands you play – UNLIMITED HITS!

There are two categories to this promotion —

1. Gold Reshuffle - 200/400 to 1000/2000 stakes
2. Bronze Reshuffle - 1/2 to 5/10 stakes

Player from each category will get to play on various stakes, wherein each player upon playing 100 hands in a single session or in-game eligible stake, will earn a random bonus prize.

Triumphant player takes home rewards ranging from cash prizes to Apple iPhones 12 Pro to gaming chairs to Harman audio speakers. Immerse yourself in the world of Reshuffle & ascend to the top. Action starts from 15th October 2020. See you at the tables!

  • The player will need to play 100 hands in a single session to get the bonus.
  • Player can hit unlimited times 100 hands session for multiple bonus. 
  • The contest will start from 19th Oct 5:30 AM and will end on 25th Oct 5:29 AM

Terms & Conditions:

1. Player will need to complete the given hands in the single session to be eligible for the promo.

2. Minimum three players are required on the table

3. Only post flop hands considered.

4. OFC tables are not included.

5. Tickets cannot be changed to Bonus/Tournament Money or Cash.

6. Gifts and Prizes are subject to availability

7. The TDS for the offline prizes will be borne by the player.

8. Player who win the offline prize will have to send the email to support team to claim it.

Payment Accepted