6 Card PLO

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The Spartanpoker

We have all heard about and played the second most popular Poker game format – Omaha, commonly known as PLO, Pot Limit Omaha. As Pot-Limit Omaha involves 4-hole cards and 5 community cards, wherein a player must use 2-hole cards to create their best 5 card hand, it gives a player more choices to make their best hand. Unlike No-Limit Texas Holdem’ a Pot Limit game allows a player to raise equal to the size of the pot. 

Sounds Interesting … Right? And as being deep into staying indoors, we all are finding refreshing ways to breakthrough this monotony. What if, you get yet another interesting game to play your hand.


Spartan Poker introduces yet another variant of PLO – the 6 Card PLO, apart from the already existing 4-card and 5-card PLO tournaments. Like any other PLO variant, in this format, 6 cards are dealt as hole cards and a player must use 2-hole cards and 3 community cards to make his/her best 5 card hand. The game also follows a pot-limit structure as regular variants. It is available at 2/5, 5/10, 10/20, 25/50, 50/100, 100/200, 500/1000 stake tables.

If not now, When? Hone your skills at Spartan Poker's new 6 Card PLO tables!!

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