Cash Innings

The Spartan Poker
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Spartan Poker

Ready to hit it out of the park? This cricket season play the innings of your life with Cash Innings - A weekly run-fest where you make runs on every hand you play!

That's not it! The player with the highest weekly score wins the PLAYER OF THE WEEK reward in form of a whopping 25,000 Bonus Money!! 

Triumph like a Spartan with seamless & strategic in-game skills & finish it off in style! OPT-IN NOW!!!  #runbanaocashkamao

Terms and conditions: 

  1. Only Post Flop hands will be considered for this promotion.
  2. Payout will be done after the weekly promotion ends.
  3. The Player of the week prize will be credited in BM.
  4. Heads up and OFC tables will not be considered.
  5. Tables Stakes to be considered: 25/50 to 100/200.
  6. A player will be rewarded per hand as per the challenge completed i.e. a player who just gets to a post flop hand get 1 run whereas a player who completes the challenge of winning with an all-in showdown hand gets a total of 4 runs. No extra runs will be awarded for interim challenges apart from the ones mentioned in above-mentioned table.
  7. In case of any disputes, Spartan Poker's decision is final and binding.
  8. Spartan Poker has the right to discontinue any promotion without prior notice.
  9. For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer to Legal terms and conditions.

Payment Accepted