Cash Bomb

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Expired Promotion
Cash Bomb

What if we tell you that you will be rewarded with an amazing 64+K daily..... Sounds interesting, right?

Cash Bomb is all set to bombard you with rewards every HOUR, all day and night!

That's 24x7 Poker madness for you!

So let's gear up and play maximum cash games throughout, to win maximum rewards.

Terms and Conditions:

1. The player must complete 50 post-flop hands (should not be in sit-out mode) on any cash table. 

2. Only Texas Hold’em tables and 4 Card PLO tables are eligible for the Cash Bomb. Boost tables are not eligible for this promotion 

3. A player needs to generate 5% VIP points of the total Cash Bomb Winnings to encash the winnings.

4. 5 Card PLO, 6 Card PLO, Heads Up, Boost tables and OFC tables do not qualify. 

5. If a player plays 50 post-flop hands & then sit-outs, he will need to play 50 post-flop hands before the pay-out to be eligible. 

6. The player has to be active on the table when the Cash Bomb gets dropped. Inactive (Sitting out) players will not be eligible for their share of Cash Bomb.

7. In case of any foul play identified, player ID’s will be locked & the prize amount may be removed from the account.

8. Eligible stakes for Cash Bombs are 0.50/1, 1/2, 2/5, 5/10 &10/25  

9. In case of any disputes, Spartan Poker's decision is final and binding 

10. For Additional Terms & Conditions please refer to Legal terms and conditions.

Payment Accepted