Satellite Poker Tournaments

As the poker industry has grown, so has the number of poker events springing out of it. In recent times, a huge boom of poker tournaments around the world has been observed. These tournaments are of different kinds and draw players from all around the world. Today, we’ll be looking at one such tournament called the Poker Satellite Tournament.


These Satellite Tournaments have become very popular on online poker platforms and have people using them very successfully. But, what are they? In essence, these tournaments are games which have smaller buy-ins, but instead of rewarding the winners with cash, they provide them with entries to events that have a higher or bigger buy-in. So, they act like satellites around bigger tournaments in a way.


The aim of these tournaments is to give players who don’t have enough of a bankroll, opportunities to win and gain entry into bigger competitions. For instance, Chris Moneymaker, who entered a Satellite Tournament for $39, won and gained entry to the 2003 WSOP, and won 2.5 million dollars!


Now, you might be wondering if this is the tournament type you would like to play. Honestly, if you’re a player who has a bankroll that’s on the smaller side, but you still want to compete in bigger poker games but are unable to, then this game is for you. You don’t even need to get it right on the first go. Since the buy-ins for these games are smaller, you can play them quite a few times, and eventually get it right. These tournaments also work out for beginners, who want to have a go at bigger tournaments, but are afraid that they neither have the bankroll, nor the confidence. Satellite Tournaments also have a smaller buy-in, for sure, but winning one of these will improve your confidence to play a bigger game.


'Satellite Poker Tournaments' Strategy

Now that we’ve understood the basic concepts, we need to go over some strategic pointers in order to play tournaments like these. Some tips to do well at Poker Satellite Tournaments, are as follows:

  • Know how many entries can be won: It is always better to know how many seats are available for winners, before you invest a buy-in and the time to play. If there are very few seats and you aren’t very confident of winning, you’ll save yourself some time and money.


  • Play Satellites with more seats: Always try to look for games where there are many seats up for grabs at the end. This way, you’ll be sure to win one, if you play well enough, and your odds of winning will improve, as well.


  • Target Tournament: Before entering a Satellite tournament, make sure that the target tournament, for which the entries are being awarded, is one you actually want to play, or will be available to play. You don’t want the game to be a wasteful exercise.


  • Take chances: Sometimes satellite tournaments can also be turbo or super turbo tournaments. Basically, they’ll move rapidly and swing drastically from up to down. However, as a player you should be willing to take risks and make bold moves when faced with challenges.


In the end, we’ve given you a good starter guide on Satellite Tournaments. Now, you need to start playing and get some practice. So, come join us at Spartan, and download the poker app now!