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Rummy is one of the oldest known card games played across the world. This variant of poker is particularly prevalent in India as it has gained fame for being a simpler, more fun version of the game apt for parties, gatherings or any other enjoyable occasion to play on-the-go with friends and family. Just like any other form of poker, there are several rummy types for you to choose from.

The premise of Rummy is to make matches between poker cards and form such combinations where cards of the same denominations or suit can be put together to create a winning sequence. Rummy, the card game has become the new favorite flavor of many poker players since the game has gone digital. Online Rummy games can be played in tournaments and cash games alike from the comfort of your home at the platform of your choosing.

Play Rummy Online for Real Money

There are a number of platforms through which you can enjoy Rummy online for free and also stand a chance to win real cash prizes. Poker games today aren’t limited to thrill and folic as these have now become real money card games. By a meager investment to the prize pool, you stand a chance to win real money. To play these online Rummy cash games, here are some basic rules to bear in mind. By playing in accordance with these rules and strategizing accordingly, you can win real money in Rummy.

? Two decks of cards are used in Rummy, including two Joker cards.

? 2-6 players are required to play Indian Rummy.

? When the cards are done being dealt, the immediate card to follow from the deck is placed face-up from the pile to be discarded. The remainder of the deck is placed face down to make the stockpile.

? The objective of Rummy is to arrange your playing cards in sets and/or runs. A run is a sequence of three or more cards put together from the same suit, while a set is formed with three or four cards from different suits.

? Cards are ranked in each suit in the ascending order from Ace to King.

? Aces qualify to either be valued as ‘one’ or face cards.

? Each card in Rummy holds a value. For instance, a card with a denomination of five carries five points. Face cards like Kings, Queens, and Jacks along with Aces hold 10 points.

Variations of Rummy

Going by poker’s rule of variety, Rummy also provides an ample of options that poker players can decide to play from. Here are some of the popular online Rummy poker variants:

13 Card Rummy

13 Card Rummy is the most widely played Rummy variant online. Each participant must draw and discard a poker card every time to make sequences and sets according to the Rummy rules. In India, this variation is referred to as ‘Paplu’. 13 card Rummy can be played in a number of formats ranging from pool games like 101 and 201 pool along with best of three, etc.

21 Card Rummy

21 Card Rummy is another fan-favorite poker variant where three or more decks of cards are used. Like typical Rummy rules, here too, your goal is to arrange your cards in sequences of sets to earn high points and win at the showdown. In 21 card Rummy, wild cards can be used in empty places in a set or a run to complete the sequences, and there are no limits on how many wild cards are allowed to be used in a set or a run.

13 Card Marriage Rummy

13 Card Marriage Rummy is played very similarly to the usual 13 card rummy game. The difference between the two comes in the form of the value cards making this variation a lot more interesting. The advantage with value cards being introduced into a game is that you can win from a losing position because these cards work as jokers. In addition, an entire sequence of value cards is what makes a marriage giving players the highest points.

Terms and Aspects of Rummy

If you wish to play Rummy and succeed at it, you must be acquainted with the terms that are going to be thrown around at the table. Given below is a list of Rummy related aspects that will help upgrade your game.

101 Pool Rummy

This Rummy variation is famous for its elimination-style gameplay. If a player passes the score of 101, they are automatically discarded from the table. Many deals are seen until all players are eliminated. The one who survives to the end is the winner.

201 Pool Rummy

201 Pool Rummy is very similar to 101 pool Rummy with its structure of elimination. The difference here is that players are knocked out when they cross the score of 201. Once again, the person who makes it to the end is awarded as the winner.

The Best of Three

In this poker format, players play three rounds of the game. The one who wins the most amount of chips from the opponents at the end of all three rounds is declared as the winner.

Face Cards

2 decks of cards are required to play Rummy where all Aces, Jacks, Kings and Queens are regarded as face cards.

Pure Sequences

A pure sequence in Rummy refers to such a sequence involving three or consecutive cards from the same suit that is formed without using a Joker or any wild card.

Impure Sequence

An impure sequence in Rummy refers to such a sequence involving three or consecutive cards from the same suit that is formed using a Joker or any other wild card.

Wild Joker

Once the dealer has dealt with all the cards, the card declared as the joker is known to be the Wild Joker. You have the liberty to replace any letter to make sets or sequences.

Poker is such a unique game that it truly becomes of the place that it goes to, such is its versatility. Rummy is an exceptionally popular game in the Indian subcontinent, and you will find yourself having a gala time playing it online. Download the official Spartan Poker app, where you can play Rummy online real money along with many other poker tournaments and games that would fit your interest. You can customize your Spartan Poker experience to play poker the way you like it.

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