Re-entry Poker

In poker, there are various types of tournaments that offer players different options. One of them is a re-entry tournament. In this tournament, a player who is eliminated from the tournament is allowed to buy back their place. Of course, there are different types of re-entry events that exist.

In some of the events, the players are allowed to buy their place back as many times as they wish up to a certain level in the tournament.

Other re-entry events have multiple flights in tournaments. In the case that there are four flights in a particular tournament, organizers may allow eliminated players to re-enter tournament in a future flight.

This can be very attractive for players who qualify for big tournaments like the World Series of Poker and truly believe that a second chance is all they need to make their mark on the poker scene. It also makes cash game players feel right at home.

However, the purists of tournament poker believe that re-entry tournaments ruin the spirit of poker and favor those players who have bigger bankrolls to leverage. Re-entry tournaments often also alter the way that people play, and thus poker purists would much rather stick to the mainstream freezeout tournaments.

Re-entry Versus Rebuy Tournaments

In a re-entry tournament, you need to be completely wiped out to qualify for a re-entry whereas in a rebuy you can buy more chips even while still having a decent stack.

When you re-enter a tournament, the cost for a new stack of chips is the same, and the house fee charged also remains the same.

Re-entry Poker Strategy

When playing a re-entry tournament, your strategy should be different from when playing a rebuy event.

1. You need to take into consideration that during the re-entry period in a tournament the betting action will be much less compared to the period before because of the limit that online poker rooms and casinos place on the number of entries each player can make. This makes it difficult to play tight and eliminate the players who play like wimps.

2. Another important thing to remember when strategizing your play for a re-entry tournament is the affordability of the tournament. If you cannot afford to enter again, you can simply play the tournament like you would a freezeout. There is a significant limitation to this strategy when it comes to tournaments that allow three or more re-entries. In this case, you would be at too much of a disadvantage. So, you should rather consider starting a new tourney, preferably a freezeout than sticking to a re-entry tournament.

3. The last and final point to consider is that the re-entry option, is just an option; you do not have to necessarily use it. Even if you can afford a re-entry, avoiding it is certainly not a bad idea. You can comfortably build up your stack without even considering a re-entry, As opposed to a rebuy you will not be missing out on grabbing some extra chips for safety. You could just adopt a slight looser play than you would in a traditional tournament. However, after the re-entry, your gameplay should be aggressive because these tournaments turn out to be quite top-heavy, which means the first place ¬walks away rich.

Keep in mind these pointers before deciding to play a re-entry tournament. No matter what kind of tournament make sure you play online poker on Spartan Poker to get guaranteed rewards and access to world-class poker tournaments.

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