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Poker has gained tremendous popularity because of the various possibilities associated with any game of poker. While you may go in a poker game with a fixed strategy in mind, but you need to adjust your play in real-time based on how the other players on the table are playing. Don’t worry, as there are plenty of poker tools available that makes your life easy so that you can get what you want and simply enjoy the game!

Haven’t you ever felt the need to understand the playing styles of few players on the table who may be stiff competition to you in winning the pot? Haven’t you ever got confused whether you are more likely to win the hand with a flush draw in comparison to a made pair? If you have played the poker game for some time, these are scenarios that you would have encountered!

The game is so fascinating that you have to learn to analyze your opponents on the table, review your own performance, as well as take calculated decisions based on the playing style of others and the odds of your cards winning the game! Does it sound too complicated? Let us have a look at some of the best poker software options that assist you in improving your game and increase your chances of winning the poker game.

Online Poker Software

You need effective poker tools to track your poker hands and poker sessions, during as well as after the game. If you are not using them, you can be rest assured that many players on your table are already using these and have an edge over you because of the same. So, it makes sense for you to start using such tracking poker software tools. Two of the most popular ones are:

  •  Hold’em Manager

One of the most critical features of this is that it shall track every hand played and import all online poker hand history files in real-time as you play on different Hold’em cash or tournament tables. Coupled with the Heads-Up Display (HUD), you can view your preferred statistics for your opponents on the table in real-time and get an idea about their playing style to help you with real-time decision making.

  •  Poker Tracker 4

This tracking tool enables you to track as well as analyze your own hands and the ones played by your opponents on the poker table. You can find leaks in your own game so that you can focus on eliminating them and perform better the next time! It also offers a very effective Heads-Up Display (HUD) to enhance your real-time decision making.

Odds Calculator Software

Won’t you be able to bet well if you know the odds of you winning, losing or splitting the pot for the current hand? No, this is not a hypothetical situation. You can possibly know your chances of winning the hand in real-time with the help of odds calculator. Isn’t that cool?

How can you use this odds calculator poker software? In the calculator, you simply have to fill in the number of participants, your starting hand, and so on, during every betting round. It will analyze your pocket (hole) cards and the community cards to come up with the odds of you winning the game. In fact, this reveals the odds for every player on the table, and you can plan your next move on the basis of this analysis provided. Please remember that this tool simply tells you the odds so you can be wary of the players who are more likely to win, and you also get to know about the players who are least likely to win.

You can have this odds calculator for different poker game variations such as the Texas Hold’em, Omaha poker, Omaha Hi Lo, 7-Card Stud, 7-Card Stud Hi Lo, etc.

Advanced Poker Tools


It is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based poker training software. Of course, it does provide you with the ability to analyze your game and take decisions. You can play against the AI of this poker tool and enhance your skills as well as come up with winning strategies. This tool is based on GTO (Game Theory Optimal) principles for its AI. This software cannot be utilized during game time, and instead, it shows you errors made for the hands played earlier. PokerSnowie provides a rating to your level of poker play by making comparisons to the optimal play. It will help you to improve your game significantly by eliminating the errors that you make frequently in most poker games. This is ideal for cash game analysis and learning.


This is a tournament training tool for poker players. It is one of the optimal end-game solutions for Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) and Sit N Go (SNG) games. ICMIZER3 enables you to take the appropriate pre-flop decisions at the fag end of tournaments. It showcases the way to play in every possible scenario that you may encounter during real poker gameplay. It can support FGS (Future Game Simulation) calculation along with automated hand analysis.

Most importantly, you will know when you need to go aggressive or when you need to quietly fold up. This helps you to place the right bets when your chances of winning are high, and avoid placing high bets when there is uncertainty. This online software is very handy to enable you to implement ICM strategy in your poker game!

The above discussed advanced poker tools will take your poker game to another level! You can try them out as a free trial and fine-tune your poker skills. Remember, poker is a game that involves a lot of calculations and your brain cannot do everything in real-time or as an after-effect of the hands that you play! If you intend to be a successful poker player, you will need to get used to these various online poker software options. You can download poker app and start playing a few poker games where you implement learnings from these tools or use some of them in real-time to improve your decision making and odds of winning the game!

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