Money Transfer Poker

A common query amongst most players while playing poker online is related to the assessment of their digital cash. Doubts regarding deposit limits, withdrawal limits and player accounts’ management are always on the minds of those who freshly join the virtual portal of poker. However, we assure you that at Spartan Poker, all things are legal, and all things are legitimate. We strive to provide our poker enthusiasts with the utmost user-friendly experience as possible. Therefore, not only is our system safe and secure to the maximum degree, but our ways to transfer money are also some of the simplest and most efficient you can ever find online.

Member to member money transfer

Member-to-member money transfer is a properly executed and well-curated facility that we offer our members. To avail this service, you must be a verified account holder on Spartan Poker for which you need to sign-up to our official website. Registering yourself at Spartan Poker is a quick and easy process after which you will be asked to verify yourself by providing certain documents. After this, you are eligible for member-to-member money transfer. This function allows you to easily transfer funds from your account to another fellow Spartan’s account provided they have an authorized account as well. This is done to simply ensure vigilance and ethical practices while handling money online.

Player to player money transfer

Player to player money transfer is a process that you can use for a number of reasons, and while it can be used with ease, there are a few factors that need to be considered to transfer an amount from your account to someone else’s on Spartan Poker. Here’s a list of requirements that need to be checked in order to engage in member-to-member money transfer.

  •  The amount needs to be transferred between players for legal purposes only. In case Spartan Poker suspects any wrong happenings, the transaction will not be processed.
  • You need to be beyond the age of 18 in order to transfer funds, and the recipient also has to be above 18 years old.
  • Spartan Poker takes no responsibility for the funds you transfer to one and another, including the case where a receiving member may issue a repayment.
  • The amount transferred cannot be cancelled or reversed post initiation of the transaction.
  • You cannot hold Spartan Poker responsible against any claim with regard to a transfer.
  • Spartan Poker can request account verification during any transfer for all reasons.
  • Huge amounts can be transferred only post account verification. Spartan Poker will decide from time to time and case-to-case basis as to what amount is unnecessarily large.
  • As a receiver of transferred funds, you must play poker games as many times as required until the points reach a status where you can either withdraw the balance to transfer it again.
  • Only open accounts are allowed to transfer funds amongst each other.
  • There is a specific limit that applies to the amount transferable and the member requests.
  • You must only transfer as much amount that is permissible to your requested limits.

Member-to-member money transfer is just one of the many beneficial services provided by Spartan Poker for our registered members. If you haven’t signed-up with our official website yet, do so at the earliest. If you have already played poker in some form before, join us to showcase yourself. If you’re a beginner wanting to experiment and learn how to play poker, our portal serves that as well.

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