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Back in the 70s, arcade games had taken over. Club and children’s corners were all filled with these iconic gaming machines that we are all familiar with today. Video poker games were introduced amidst the bright neon lights of the casinos where gamblers tested their poker skills against a computer. Playing made efficient, easy to understand, extremely beginner-friendly, and highly profitable which is why they are still around.

The games are played with a 52-card French deck with the computer doing all of the shuffling. The goal is to have the best 5-card poker hand, and so video poker games are similar to 5-card draws. Continuing this fan-favourite legacy, Spartan Poker is proud to bring video poker games to you. If there’s a basic understanding of how poker works, such as poker hands, you can read below on how you can get started with video poker games yourself in case you haven’t tried them already.

Video Poker Game Stages

Here, your opponent is an AI programmed in a way to recreate the much loved classic 70s-vibed video game version of poker. There are a few different variants in video poker. However, here is the basic structure across all formats:

  • Keeping your BRM (Bankroll Management) in mind, allot how many coins you wish to use for your session and digitally, begin the game by inserting the coins.
  • The AI will deal five cards to you.
  • You have to decide which cards to hold, and which (or all) cards you wish to discard.
  • The AI will use a single random draw to replace the cards you have discarded.
  • If your present hand now matches the qualifying hand, you win the prize stipulated.

Video Poker Game Types

You will find a handful of these games on Spartan Poker. However, here are some of the more popular game types that you are sure to enjoy and profit from:

- Jacks or Better

One of the most popular and commonly played game types is Jacks or Better. Yup, exactly as the name suggests; by the end of the round, your five-card poker hand must contain at least a pair of jacks or better in order to win. You can expect a pay rate of about 99.46% if you are using some sort of a strategy. However, by using a well-planned one, you could generate up to 99.55%

- Joker Poker

Nothing sophisticated about this one. While playing with the regular 52-card deck, two additional joker cards are added to the mix. All this does is boosts your chances in getting a better poker hand.

- Deuces Wild

Another popular and fun variant. Here, all 2s act as wilds. Meaning, if you are dealt with a 2, you can turn it in for a card of your choice. Therefore, you should never discard them. For instance, if you receive three 3s and a 2 then your hand turns into a four of a kind since you can exchange the 2 for a 3.

- All American

Here, increased payout is given to flushes and straights. Much like Jacks or Better, with the difference being that winning payouts are much lower for full houses and two pairs.

Video Poker Game

This arcade-style of playing poker is responsible for some of the lightest and most fun sessions that you can ever have while playing the game of cards. For experienced players who are professionals and dedicate their time to playing long and skill-based tournaments for the entire day, this could serve as a much-needed escape. For beginners who are starting to learn the basics of poker and how poker hands are essential, this is a great game to practice and gain experience. Playing video poker is extremely simple as the computer does all the hard work for you.

At Spartan Poker, we offer video poker as a great way to play for those who prefer to enjoy the game by themselves and who are either not entirely confident about multi-tabling, or do not wish to play with many players at a time. Now that you know all that there is to know about this poker form, we strongly suggest that you check out our poker tournaments, enroll on our website, and get started to play at the table for real money. Win big and have fun!

FAQ Section

1) Is playing video poker different when playing online and live?

Apart from the lively experience of playing in a casino or wherever else that you would find a machine, everything else entirely remains the same while playing online. The rules, poker hands, gameplay mechanics are all the same so as a player, you can have just as much fun playing it online as much as you would in person.

2) Are video poker games rigged?

When you play online or even live in a place that is genuine and properly licensed, you will not find any fishy happenings. At Spartan Poker, the AI works at total randomness and it completely depends upon your luck, knowledge, skill and experience as to whether you win the prize.

3) How much can video poker payout at best?

You will have to check the individual game before starting to know how much the payout is. However, there are situations where these games can give up to 100% payout in live casinos if played over a longer period. Most portals offer close to 99% payout with average gameplay time.

4) Is it possible to play multiple hands at video poker games?

Yes. There are games where you can play up to 100 hands at once. However, you will require a large bankroll in order to play such a game because all your bets will be multiplied across all the hands you will be playing.

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