How To Play Seven Card Stud Poker

Seven card stud was a very popularly played poker game before Texas Hold’em. it is only in recent years that Texas Hold’em took the poker scene by storm and replaced Seven Card Stud. So, if you are new to poker, you should learn how to play Seven Card Stud poker.

Seven Card Stud sharpens your poker strategy like no other poker game. This game is played with two to eight players at a time and players have up to seven cards available to them. Ultimately the goal is the same in this game as in all others, make the best five-card hand and sweep away the giant pot.

Let us take you through the steps of how to play Seven Card Stud poker so that you are prepared the next time you see a game of stud online.

Steps to Play 7 Card Stud Poker

In Seven Card Stud poker there is an Ante, and then five betting rounds follow that.

Following is a quick run-down of the game for your reference.

  • Ante: An ante is a forced bet that the players have to post at the beginning of the hand even before the bets. The player with the worst upcard posts this brings in.
  • Third Street: This is the first betting round, and in this, the third card or the third street is dealt with the players face up. Again, here the player with the worst upcard begins betting. This bet must be at least the specified minimum. A minimum bet is called the bring in.
  • Fourth Street: This is the second betting round of the game in which yet another card is dealt face up to all the players. In this round, however, the player with the best upcard is the first to act. The raises are now capped at four times the limits of the table if it is a limited format game.
  • Fifth Street: Now, we approach the third betting round of the game. Here the stakes start getting higher, and another card is dealt with the players face up. The stakes are capped at four times the stakes of the table.
  • Sixth Street: Each player now has four cards face up and two private cards.

This is the second last round to bet before the showdown. It is advisable that players cut their losses here if they have a bad hand.

  • Seventh Street: The fifth betting round is also called the river. The final card is dealt face down. The player with the best upcard makes the first move, and the betting continues. This is the final chance for players to bet.
  • Showdown: The showdown takes place if there are multiple players still at the table after the river. The best five-card hand wins snatching away the pot in its entirety.

Hopefully, by now, you have a clear idea of the game and are ready to try your hand at it!

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