Razz Poker Strategy

Razz Poker is a variant of the well-known, Seven Card Stud Poker that is seen in most poker rooms. It can often be a tough game to play, simply because the Razz Poker strategy is a complete contrast to most poker game strategies.

In Razz Poker or Seven Card Stud Low, you need to remember to make the worst poker hand. The worse your hand is the better placed you in at the table. Weird right? You have to rewire your brain while playing Razz Poker.

If you are a beginner and have no idea why we are saying this, this will help put things into perspective for you; the best hand that you can make in a game of Razz is ace, two, three four, five, unsuited.

Now that you have a fair idea of how Razz Poker is different from other games, let us dive into a strategy that you can use while playing Razz.

Learn Razz Poker Strategy

When playing Razz, in general it is a good strategy to play tight and make some basic rules about when you should make a break for it and when you should start getting aggressive plays.

So, let us look into a detailed Razz Poker strategy to help you navigate through many Razz Poker situations and grab the pot at your next Razz game.

Good starting hands in Razz Poker

You can never be sure about having a good starting hand in poker, except if you are holding an unbeatable hand of course. Other than that, you can evaluate a good low hand if you have a Seven Low. That is a combination of unpaired cards with the highest card being a seven. The best hand to have is an Ace to Five. This hand consists of an ace, one, two, three, four, five. It is the lowest possible hand in lowball games like Razz Poker.

After considering your cards, you can take a look at your opponent’s cards that are facing up and compare. If you can see a lot of cards of lower values than yours, then it is a given that you should fold. However, if your cards are lower, but not the best ones out there you can still improve them. In this case, you can take a chance and give it your all. 

Calculate the odds

When playing Razz Poker, or any other poker game for that matter, you should be calculating the pot odds and hand odds.

Thorough knowledge of odds is one of the most important components of a good Razz Poker strategy. In Razz you have the advantage of seeing the up cards of your opponents. You can even see the discards which give you important information about the cards that are still in the game.

Keeping a track of these dead cards is crucial and will help you calculate the odds.

Know when to Bluff

If you have low cards that your opponents can see them you must take advantage of this situation. You might not be able to win by bluffing, but a good bluff will force the weaker players to fold. 

Stealing the blinds

If you want to win at Razz Poker, then the most important thing is to understand the importance of stealing the bring in and the ants no matter the stakes that you play. This is all about looking at the exposed cards or the up cards and comparing them to the up cards of the players that are left to act at the table and the players that have already brought in the action.

Be Aggressive

In Razz Poker you need to be aggressive and attack your opponents. Either you must force them to fold or pay up. You need to of course have a read on your opponents to be able to play like this. Keeping it simple is the way to go in Razz. If you know your opponent has hit a high card on a late street, like the third street or the fourth street, and you hit a lower one you can assume that it is safe to bet. This can be very profitable. It will put maximum pressure on your opponents and the ones with weak hands or a weak strategy will end up folding.

Hopefully, this Razz Poker strategy will help you in your next lowball game.

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