Pick’em 8 Poker

Poker games have come in several formats and playing methods in the past number of decades. This evolution is what has helped poker attain the global stardom that it is recognized with today. The early 70’s saw the rise of video poker where players would play single-player games against a slot machine. This would take out the concept of having actual poker opponents, and your motive would be to beat the algorithm of the computer, which works on absolute randomness.

These games are designed for in-experienced players mostly as it is more of a lucky draw than a skilled approach, making the prize pool a complete gamble in most cases. In general, it works as typical poker games by dealing out hole cards and having you make poker hand rankings.

However, you get arcade-style options like discarding those cards dealt with you and choosing from a sperate lot. Online poker has seen the rise of video poker games for those who wish for a quick and lucky result and who do not wish to compete against anyone else. One such popular form of video poker is Pick’em8 poker.

What is Pick’em8 poker?

Pick’em8 poker is a beginner-friendly form of video poker having easy-to-understand rules that you can dive into without much hesitation. A standard 52-card French deck is used to play this game where you will witness the system execute a fair shuffle after each round. This is done to ensure guaranteed results that are genuine and not through a flaw in the slot machine.

Pick’em8 poker allows you to choose between two different variations – single hand and multi-hand. The multi-hand game is preferred by those who are downright gamblers and would like nothing more than earning a quick buck by minimizing their risk. This is a more confident game type for players who have experience with video poker. Luck is a significant factor with these games as it comes down the cards you’re given through the AI.

Play Pick’Em8 Poker

If you’re someone who is intrigued by this format of poker and you wish to try your hand at it and play pick’em 8 poker, then these are the points you must take note of. This is how the game is played:

  • Before you place your opening bet, it will be required of you to set the coin denomination, and this ranges between 0.50 and 5. this isn’t a fixed number as it depends on the kind of game you decided to play. Similar to other poker variations, pick’em8 poker also allows for players to wager to about five credits per game.
  • Once you have completed the coin denomination part, you are set to place your opening bets. Upon pushing the ‘deal’ button, you will be dealt with two cards that will be placed face-up. The downer here is that unlike most video poker games, players do not have the option to replace the cards given to them from the deck with other options. You will have to hold on to these two cards. You will also notice two stacks on the right side of your screen.
  • Each of these stacks consists of three cards. Out of those, only the top card will be visible to you. Now, you are told to make your decisions entirely based on the cards dealt with you initially while only being able to see two cards from the stacks on screen. You will have to choose one of the two stacks present, after which the remaining cards will be revealed. This gives you the last hand. Basically, your final poker hand will consist of the two cards that you were dealt with, the one you chose from the stack, and the two cards hidden underneath that stack.
  • At this point, if you end up having a winning five-card poker hand combination, then you will be rewarded as per the pay structure decided by the poker room for your game. Your initial bet will influence the profit you make. This is precisely why it is always suggested that you play the maximum bet because a high winning hand will fetch you higher payouts only when you fulfill the conditions of that particular pick’em8 poker game.
  • Depending on where you play, some online casinos also give players the opportunity to double their pick’em8 poker winnings. This additional perk comes into effect once you have successfully formed a winning poker hand combination. Sometimes the organizers could even allow you to choose between doubling your entire winning amount or only going with half the raise of your full reward. How this is offered is that participants are dealt with four cards, all of which are dealt face-down. You must now choose one of the four available options. If the card you pick turns out to be higher in value than the dealer’s card, then your winnings are multiplied into two. Similarly, you could lose your opportunity if the dealer’s card is or higher ranking than the one you choose.

Putting things into perspective, you could choose pick’em 8 poker and have a great time trying to win as much as you can with a short span. The advantage of video poker games is that it is perfect in terms of giving poker novices the freedom to explore the game of cards. Video poker games like pick’em8 poker have everything to do with luck, and not much to do with skills. These games carry the essence of poker by having aspects of the game like poker hand rankings and betting systems that you would find in a regular sought-after poker game. However, the difference here is that it is much simplified, which lets you freely understand the nature of poker, its variables, learn the fundamentals of the game and also have fun with random bets.

There is limited room for a strategy with video poker games, most of it comes down to judgment and random patterns that you cannot control. By joining Spartan Poker, you can play many more such exciting games like American Poker, and 32-card draw apart from the noteworthy Hold’em games and tournaments. Registration on our portal is easy, and downloading the app keeps your favourite poker games within reach of your pocket so if you haven’t already joined the Spartan community.

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