Boost Poker

Boost Poker Overview

Boost Poker is a format of boost cash-games and tournaments in which players play against new opponents in every new hand. Such situation is possible due to the fact that players play not against particular players sitting at one table, but against a whole pool of players.


Pool is the number of players' entries. Players can join the pool several times. Every joining to the pool is regarded as a new entry (session) of a player. It means that players can play at several tables belonging to one and the same pool. One player can not join (rejoin) the pool more than 4 times. In tournaments, pool is all registered players. When only 2 tables remain in a Boost tournament, the tournament reverts back to a regular format (not boost).

Fast Fold

Fast fold allows players to fold their cards at any moment, independently of the position the players take and the bet the players have made, even if it is not their turn to act. Except for the situations when:

  • The player makes bet and his bet is bigger or equal to other players' bet (including the cases when the player is on big blind).
  • The player goes All-in.
  • When a player folds cards, he can immediately proceed to playing a hand at another table, or watch the current hand game as usual (Fold & View option).
  • Players do not see when another player folds cards until it is their turn to act.
Payment Accepted