Disconnect protection

If a player gets disconnected during playing, he will have regular 2 minutes of Action timeout to restore the connection and return to the game. If the regular time passes and the player does not manage to restore the connection, he will have additional 3 minutes of Time bank. If the Time bank passes and the player is still disconnected, the current hand finishes, the results the player has had in the hand are scored and the player himself is moved to Sit Out. In case the player gets disconnected when his opponent gets Fantasyland, the Fantasyland will be laid out and scored as it is considered to be the extension of the current hand. After the Fantasyland finishes, the disconnected player will be moved to Sit Out.

Disconnection protection is limited. Players can rely on Disconnection protection only once a day to prevent fraudulence and cheating. To check the state of Disconnection protection, go to Options > Disconnection Protection in the lobby.


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