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Welcome to Quadnet India Poker Network

Quadnet India Poker network is India's largest poker network comprising of Spartan Poker and FTR Poker. Now player registered in either of the poker rooms will be able to play with players of the other poker room as well.

Network Rules:

1.       Players are allowed to have IDs on both poker rooms

2.       Players are not allowed to play from both poker rooms at the same time

3.       Players are not allowed to play same cash tables, which could lead to collusion from different sites at the same time

4.       Players are not allowed to play the same tournament from different sites on the network.

5.       Users violating these terms will face consequent action which could lead to funds being forfeited on all network websites

6.       VIP program for individual sites may work differently and the benefits given to the users also depend on the individual sites? VIP programs

7.       The promotions and contests (e.g. Tournament leaderboards, cash game leaderboards etc) on the network sites may be independent from each other.

8.       Cash outs and TDS

The parent company Spartan Poker and FTR Poker is Quadrific Media Pvt Ltd, cash outs for both poker rooms will be made by the same company. Withdrawals on Spartan Poker and FTR Poker are subject to withholding tax (TDS) as per applicable rates (i.e. 30% currently) which is submitted to the Indian tax authorities under section 194B of the Income Tax Act

Cash outs will be made from both poker rooms on all Bank working days.

Cash outs from both poker rooms will be added to calculate player's TDS liability.


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