Taking up Online poker as a Profession? 5 Things to Keep In Mind

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Poker has gained popularity in the country. It has drawn a lot of youngsters that have gone from playing poker for recreation to taking it up professionally. The perception of the game has also evolved in the minds of the people. Poker earlier was just a hobby or a game of leisurely activity. Now it has also become a means to earn a living for many young minds.

Online gaming is here to stay & reports by KPMG that the Indian online gaming industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 22.1% and reach Rs 11,880 crore by FY 2023. Certainly, things are looking up for the online poker platforms too. Online poker players in the country are willing to take poker seriously. Pursue their passion for the game as a profession too. All that said a career in poker is daunting as it is exciting. To take it up professionally one must think through their decision. Playing poker professionally will require an immense amount of skill, determination, knowledge and above all zeal for the game. Here are certain points to mull over before making the big decision of taking it up as a career choice.

1. The ability to persevere

Not all days will be good, and there will be several frustrating days when you might not have a winning hand at all. You might even feel that the site is rigged. But Keep at it and get back to the grind. The more you play, the more skills you will pick-up along the way.

2. Having a smart strategy

Before making poker as a career you need to plan and have a strategy in mind. Like any other profession, start with taking a limited risk. Your focus should be on playing games that have a low- limit. With time increase your stakes as you learn the strategies and techniques of the game.

3. Enforce self-discipline

Specify yourself a set amount of time that you are going to spend online, practising the game just like you would enhance skills in any other profession. Keep in mind that you are in the game to spend quality time and improve your skills. You are not at it to exploit your bankroll.

4. Research and know your basics

Poker can be easily learnt, however, it is a hard game to master. To take it up professionally it is important to be thorough with the fundamentals of the game. This will take in-depth research. It’s only when you play poker online frequently will you be able to gather a vast knowledge.

5. Managing stress

Playing poker professionally can be stressful and isolating. It involves taking risks, adherence to the game, and a lot of positivity. Most importantly there isn’t going to be an assured pay-check every month. But you have to accept this and keep improving your game.

Not everyone is going to understand your decision about taking up online poker as a profession. But if you can navigate your way through the obstacles, this can give you both personal and financial freedom.


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