Satellite in Poker

A Glimpse into The Best Keep Secret in Poker: Satellite Tournaments


Poker, it the truest sense, is a game of variety and opportunity. Whether you consider the plethora of poker games or the extensive list of tournaments available worldwide, one just cannot refute the fact that in poker, every player can find something for themselves. There is, however, one well-kept little secret in poker, yes, that’s right, satellite tournaments.


Aren’t satellite tournaments just some qualifying tournaments with a huge pool of players and a measly buy-in though? That is exactly what they are, qualifying tournaments that offer a golden ticket into the big fancy tournaments in which most players can only dream of participating!


In India, Spartan Poker offers some of the best tournaments that the poker world has seen. From Daily Tournaments to Exclusive VIP ones, we have it all. Each tournament offers something unique to the players, depending on the poker goals you can choose the tournament that is best suited for you.


Let us introduce to you a tournament that may pique your interest and change your life forever, a satellite tournament. We will also take you through some tricks to help you formulate your strategy to play this tournament as soon as you can.


What is a satellite tournament?


First things first, let us discuss what a satellite tournament is so that you can decide whether it is for you or whether you should just give this one a pass.


Satellite tournaments have proven themselves to be some of the most lucrative tournaments that amateurs and professional players can play. It seems paradoxical that a satellite tournament that does not offer its players any real money can be the most lucrative out there.


Well, that is because of the fact that what satellite tournaments offer is the once in a lifetime chance to compete at the biggest poker tournaments. Satellite tournaments have a very low buy-in amount and the poker operators host these tournaments for a large pool of people. Out of this large pool, you will find both experienced and skilled poker players and newbies who are trying their luck.


The target tournaments, the ones which you get a ticket to when you win a satellite tournament usually have a very pricey buy-in amount. Consequently, they also have some of the biggest real money prizes. If you manage to bag one of the multiple tickets that a satellite tournament offers, then you need not worry about the buy-in amount. You can then have your eyes peeled at the ultimate pot of the ultimate tournament of your dreams. So, the point of a satellite tournament is that you invest just a fraction of the amount that you stand a chance to win at the end of the day.


Most importantly, when it comes to satellite tournaments, in order for you to reap the fruits of it, you must be in it for the long haul.  


Who should play Satellite tournaments and why?


Satellite tournaments are for those poker aficionados who want to spend less but earn big. In this tournament, you get to do just that. This minimal payment i.e. your buy-in for the satellite, for big rewards, i.e. the prize money at your dream tournament, help you in your poker satellite strategy too. Here are some of the reasons you should try your luck at a satellite.


  • Since the prize in your target tournament (e.g. World Series of Poker) has a pool that is way beyond your usual means, the becomes effectively less stressful. You always have the solace at the back of your head that this opportunity only cost you the few bucks you paid for your buy-in at the satellite tournament. This poker satellite strategy comes in handy when you have to decide the risks you are ready to take at your target tournament. The once in a lifetime opportunity won’t knock twice, so getting your skin in the game should not hold you back from taking your well-deserved shot at the big fat pot.


  • Another very tempting reason to give satellite poker a shot is that it gives you the chance to travel to a dream destination with all expenses paid. Usually, the tickets to the live satellites events come to the players inclusive of travel expenses and special events with meals and experiences that are tailored to pamper the qualifiers of the event. So, even if you don’t bag the final reward, you enjoy your time there thoroughly, and nothing says you can’t try again. Overall, it is not an experience that you will forget anytime soon!


  • There is another reason that tops the rest. Satellite poker is fundamentally the softest form of the game that are regularly and easily accessible to all. In a satellite, the best advantage that a player can have is that you do not need to win. It sure does sound absurd. In a game of poker, the aim is always to win is it not? Well, there’s a reason satellites are called a well-kept secret. It is because even if you secure the second, third, fourth or maybe even the twentieth place, the reward still remains the absolute same! You do not need to maximize your chips and bag the number one position. This tactic of maximizing your variance is undoubtedly a profitable one when it comes to cash games, but it can become your worst enemy in a satellite.


  • The last and perhaps the most important reason to play satellites is probably this one. So listen up. Satellites can greatly improve your poker skills. It is rare to get the best poker players all over the world playing in the same tournament in which newly minted poker players are trying their skills. There is most definitely a bell curve here, wherein weak players may make up a substantial portion of the lot, but the top-notch players certainly do have their place in it too. So that being said, these satellites can give you a clear idea of where you stand and can help you improve your skills at a low cost.


Satellites have long been considered an unworthy place for the pro poker community. This is why it remains a secretly unique place for poker players to secure their dues.


How can you choose your ideal Satellite Tournament


So, you are now fascinated by satellites and just can't wait to get in on the action. Great! But wait a minute, how do you choose the right satellite out of all the options out there?


There are definitely some considerations when it comes to choosing satellites. Here are some points that you should keep in mind when choosing.


  • Buy In Amount


Make sure you choose a tournament with an affordable buy-in amount. Some tournaments offer high buy-ins than others. Depending on your budget and objectives, you can choose one that is more close to your preference. Make sure your target tournament seat is offered by the tournament and pay for it accordingly.


  • The Ultimate Prize


Your end goal of a satellite tournament is not just winning it but rather securing a ticket to the dream tournament that you have been waiting for. So make sure that you know the prize that the tournament offers. Some satellites may just offer tickets to your desired tournament whereas some may include travel costs, accommodations and other amenities alongside the ticket. In case you choose one that doesn’t cover your travel cost, be sure to have enough money saved aside for the travel. You will end up kicking yourself if you win a satellite and then cannot make it to the grand event.


  • The Length of The Tournament


There are a wide variety of satellite tournaments out there. Some may last for a decent amount of time, and some may be super-fast. Depending on what you prefer and the level of your confidence pick the one for you. It takes a bit of experience to play the turbo if you are low of experience, the normal paced ones would be a better choice, giving you ample time to make your decisions, so choose wisely.


  • Miscellaneous considerations


These are the small but important details in any poker game. Consider the type of poker game you will be playing, you will need to pick a tournament according to your strength and experience in that particular game. Also, the stack size is an important aspect, play these with money you can afford to lose. The other practical things to consider are the time you have on your hand and the additional rewards that the satellite offers to its players.


Hopefully, this has given you an overall idea on satellites and a deeper understanding of just how much the world of poker has to offer you.


At Spartan Poker, we aim to offer you the best of the poker world all in one place. We make our poker tournaments bigger and better as each day goes by. So, whether you are a rookie or an experienced connoisseur, you will find something interesting out here. Become a Spartan and avail access to the Exclusive VIP Tournament too!