Important poker charts that every player must know

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Important poker charts that every player must know

Most poker lovers use poker charts to assist them in playing this game. So, we made a list of the most important poker charts every poker player must know about.

Poker means getting the math right for which having a poker chart is good, easier representation. It is important to bear in mind that you should know how much is at stake by measuring the probability of winning the side.

You will have a clearer understanding of the game by reading and, hopefully, learning those charts.

Poker Hand Rankings

To know if you are winning the pot, you will need to be familiar with how poker hands rank. This poker hand ranking chart has proven to be very useful for beginners.

That is the basic knowledge most poker players take for granted. However, if you are new to online poker, it is always a good idea to have the poker chart open in a separate window.

This way, you will be able to understand your hand better. It is not a difficult poker rules chart to remember. You will get the hang of it after a few hands, and you will be able to make decisions without it.

Have a look at this poker hands ranking chart: These will help you to understand some of the top poker hands to play.

Hand name                                                                  Definition                                                                                                                                 Example

Royal Flush                                                                   A straight with the top cards of the same suit                                                                           A-K-Q-J-T (all of the same suit)

Straight Flush                                                                A straight one with the same suit                                                                                             8-7-6-5-4 (all of the same suit)

Four-of-a-kind                                                               Four cards of the same kind                                                                                                     A-4-4-4-4

Full House (Boat)                                                         Three of the same kind + two of a kind                                                                                     A-A-A-J-J

Flush                                                                            Any five cards of the same suit                                                                                                 A-J-8-4-2 (all of the same suit)

Straight                                                                        Any five cards in a ranking order                                                                                               8-7-6-5-4

Three-of-a-kind                                                            Three cards of the same kind                                                                                                    A-K-5-5-5

Two pair                                                                       Same kind of two pairs of cards                                                                                                A-A-J-J-2

Pair                                                                              Same kind of pair of cards                                                                                                         A-A-7-4-2

High Card                                                                    If none of the remaining players has a legitimate hand at the table,                                         A-Q-9-6-3

                                                                                    the one with the highest card wins. 

What to be aware of when learning this poker chart

The poker ranking chart starts with the highest possible poker card and is graded against the lowest poker hand, which is a pair. When you do not have a good hand, then your most top-hole card counts.

Poker players with the same high card must typically take the next most top card for the winner to be decided. If there are only two players left with absolutely identical hands, then a tie is declared, and the pot is split.

A starting hand in poker comprises of the two-hole cards given to you at the beginning of the game. While there are many possibilities at this stage, from the very beginning, you certainly need to have some insight into your chances.

This is a poker chart to help you with abbreviations of cards that you may be holding.

Abbreviation                     Hand Name

AA                                     Pocket Aces

KK                                     Pocket Kings

QQ                                    Pocket Queens

AKs                                   Ace-King Suited

JJ                                      Pocket Jacks

TT                                     Pocket Tens

AKo                                   Ace-King Off-suit

AQs                                  Ace-Queen Suited

AJs                                   Ace-Jack Suited

KQs                                  King-Queen Suited

While these are certainly the cards that you want to see as your starting hand, do not take this chart as a matter of course. It is up to you to evaluate the situation and try to find out whether a hand is worth playing. With this being said, a poker range chart can help you understand your opponents play. It will also help you to decide what is the best decision for your hand and range.

The position also plays an important role, and although the top five starting hands from this chart can be played under the gun, you may want to wait for the hands in the second part of the chart for mid/ late positions.

Make sure your opponents and the situation are analysed to decide if a hand is worth playing, even if it is not present on this chart.

What are the common nicknames for starting and made hands?

One way of learning poker quickly is by getting the lingo correctly. Poker players love naming games-related stuff, and naming hands is their favourite. So, we made some sort of a starting description and made hands and nicknames that players use for them.

This poker hands chart will allow you to follow the game more smoothly and get a deeper insight into poker tactics that are often discussed in various forums. So, if you spend some time studying this poker chart, you will not have to search every single word.

Here are the best starting hands list and their common nicknames.

The first nickname mentioned is generally the most commonly used.

Hand                               Hand Nicknames

AA                                   Bullets, (Pocket) Rockets, Needles, Batteries

KK                                   Cowboys, Ace Magnets, King Kong

QQ                                   Ladies

JJ                                     Fishhooks, Brothers

TT                                    Dimes

99                                     Popeyes

88                                    Snowmen, Piano Keys

77                                    Walking Sticks, Candy Canes

66                                     Boots, Route 66

55                                     Nickels, Snakes

44                                    Sailboats, Magnum

33                                    Crabs, Treys

22                                     Ducks

AK                                    Big Slick

AJ                                      Blackjack

K9                                    Canine

T2                                     Doyle Brunson

Q7o                                  Computer Hand

As you can see, some are clever, some who explain how numbers look and some who are simply random. One thing is certain-calling hands with these nicknames is fun. We have not mentioned all the potential starting hands, but only the most common ones, because you are most likely going to trip over their used nicknames.

Some players are so fond of some made hands that they decided to give them a name. Here is a short summary.

Made Hand                                                                   Name

Straight A – K – Q – J – T                                             Broadway

Straight flush A – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5                                      Steel Wheel

 Straight A – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5                                              Wheel

2 – 2 – 2 – 2 – X                                                            Mighty Ducks

K – K – K – K – X                                                          Four Horsemen

A position to play influences your poker strategy a great deal. By mastering the names of positions in poker, you can understand how each position affects your play. You will be able to boost your overall poker performance once you understand how positions work and how to identify them.

Here is a list of player positions at a Poker table:

Position Name                                                                      Abbreviation

Under The Gun + 1 / Early Position 1                                    UTG / EP1

Under The Gun +2 / Early Position 3                                     UTG+2 / EP3

Under The Gun +1 / Early Position 2                                     UTG+1 / EP2

Middle Position 1                                                                    MP1

Lojack / Middle Position 2                                                      LJ / MP2

Hijack / Middle Position 3                                                       HJ / MP3

Cutoff                                                                                      CO

Button                                                                                     BTN

Small Blind                                                                             SB

Big Blind                                                                                 BB

Various cash games and poker tournament tournaments have varying stakes. Online and live players have a different naming scheme for these, which if you are new to poker, may be very confusing.

Poker Pot Odds Chart

Ultimately, poker is all about getting the numbers correct and the correct odds determined. If you want to determine the equity needed to make a profit or evaluate your value to bluff ratio, the poker odds chart will be useful.

It is not that hard to know to learn to play poker. Learning how to win, however, is something that certainly requires continuous learning. It is a process of trial and error.

Mastering the game was much harder than two decades earlier when poker chart such as those described in this article was difficult to get through. Fortunately, the Internet is full of its glory with hundreds of charts like these that will make your poker game simpler and more enjoyable.

These poker charts essentially aim to help you avoid some of the common pitfalls and to learn how to improve your game.

As you can see, in fact, some of the charts in the article are more about naming things than playing poker. That is because we live in the online poker age where to understand the game, one must understand the words and slang associated with it.

Many poker experts like to say poker is something like jazz. It is built on improvisation. That said, those charts are not the final guidance about what to do. They are pretty much a foundation to help you so you can improvise for when you finally sit down to play.

Poker Hand Rankings:

  • The higher Straight or Straight Flush wins whether two players have a Straight or Straight Flush.
  • The player with the uppermost quad wins if two players have the quads. The highest kicker scores if they are the same.
  • If two players together have a flush, then the player with the highest flush card wins. The second highest card determines whether they are equal, then the third-highest card, and so forth. The flush suit does not matter.
  • If two players together have a full house, then the higher-trip player wins. When they are the same, the higher pair player scores.
  • When two players have two sets, the greater pair of players wins. When they are the same, the higher pair player scores. The team with the highest kicker wins if they are identical.
  • When two players have a pair, the higher-pair player wins. If they are the same the highest kicker wins, the second-highest wins, then the third-highest.
  • The lowest card wins when two players have a lower card. The second highest card decides whether they are identical, and so on.

The starting hand chart

Perhaps the most important thing you need to know from this article is the popular starting-hand chart. It's a chart that explains to you which starting hands are recommended from other positions to play from.

Understanding poker card strength

One of the main poker skills is being able to tell whether your hand is strong or not, as several factors relate to how strong or weak a certain combination of poker cards really is.

The number of players assists in assessing the strength of poker hands. If lots of players have willingly chosen to play the game, you have to presume they do so because they carry strong hands.

It is less likely though if only two players are involved in a hand. For example, a pair of Aces is quite a good poker combination against one player, but it decreases in value dramatically against four players.

It is also a major factor to the opponents playing style. If they are 'tight' meaning they act a few hands, then when they do, you can expect them to turn up with a powerful side. If they are 'loose' because they're playing a lot of hands, so their hand's relative strength generally goes down.

The Community poker card composition will determine how many powerful probable hands are in play. If you have three of a kind, but four cards to a flush and four cards to a straight, the strength of your poker combination will go down. It is known as a wet plate. Likewise, if the board consists of sequence cards with no possible flushes, the strength of your hand will rise.

Often plays a part in the amount of chips in play. It is not uncommon for players to invest their money with weaker assets to prevent 'blinding away' in a tournament when chip stacks are shallow. However, you are less likely to see these risks being taken in cash games, where the stacks are deep.

Beginners should view starting hand charts as the bible, but if you know enough about the game to identify appropriate openings, you should deviate as your change could be a more lucrative match.

Several factors could motivate you from our guidelines to tighten or lose your play. If you have a starting hand that is not listed on the table, then there is a good reason for that – it should be mucked almost always. But as with the expression "It depends" comes to mind in all poker decisions. If you plan to deviate from our guidelines, though, there is a justification for taking such an action.

Do not slip into the pit of just two cards playing. Most poker players want to play hands, and as a beginner, it's very tempting to be seduced by appropriate cards or picture cards or any two-card holding featuring an As of a King – but if you play correctly hold them, you 're going to be careful and throw away the overwhelming majority of hands you 're dealing with.

You can start opening your range of starting hands when you gain more poker playing experience – but until then, go ahead with caution and only play the best hands.

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