Where to Play Online Poker Games?

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Poker is still an emerging game in India, many poker players and potential players are still getting used to the updated information related to online poker. Poker has several things that are wrapped around it. Here, we shall get familiar with questions that poker players are curious about!

The legal status of Poker in India

India’s getting prominent in terms of online poker, it is emerging and increasing rapidly! India has its poker market valued around $120 million. There is a positive outlook towards poker as a game full of skill. For now, the future of Indian poker players seems fantastic, as there are no rules that are obligated in India that restricts players from playing it. Poker players can feel free to play poker online with real money on Spartan Poker. Spartan Poker is one of the most trustworthy poker websites available and is approved by the Government of India and offers a lot more than you would ever expect!

Reasons why you should choose only Spartan Poker for playing online poker

- Certified by Australia based iTech Labs for a fair gameplay experience.

- Government approved.

- Secured and encrypted payment process.

- Legally licensed to provide gaming services in India.

- Maximum possibilities of winning.

- Exciting offers and promotions.

How does Spartan Poker protect your personal information?

Spartan Poker is committed to protect you and promises you the confidentiality of all the personal information and is safeguarded by using the best in class software and hardware, techniques, methods and processes which allows you to enjoy all the services without any interruption. To create that seamless feel of playing poker, Spartan Poker keeps the information you provide 100% secure at all times. It provides you with the user experience that you will never forget!

While gaming the most important thing is to know that you’re entirely putting your personal information at stake. So, it is better to invest in a game which promises you security and safety.

What are the do’s and don’ts which should be kept in mind if you are a beginner at online poker

- Read the terms and conditions of the websites you’re surfing on, before investing in with real poker money.

- Don’t play random hands, as you can lose money rapidly. Observe your opponents and take your time when it comes to your hands, it will give you a chance to run around better ideas and would save you from making any kind of a hasty decision.

- Check the licensing of the websites you’re playing poker on. All the poker sites should have a gaming license, that ensures the usage of the best software and regular auditing.

- Check if the site is protecting your payments.

- Learn about the encryption policy of the website. Encryption is the key element, by which websites ensure its players to secure and protect their username, password and personal details.


Spartan Poker lets you play online poker with real money, without letting you worry about theft and takes care of everything else, while you play poker with a free mind.

Join Spartan Poker in the 2nd edition of Indian Online Poker Championship, with rewards, offers, surprises and a lot more waiting for you! Don’t miss out on the fun & download Spartan Poker’s application or log onto our website https://www.spartanpoker.com/.



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