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Well, those who play poker on foreign card rooms have gone through the greatest pain of them all: WITHDRAWALS! There is NO safe and proper method to withdraw your money, and that too, with your mind at ease. The methods that do exist are not hugely expensive, besides the fact that you are bringing in foreign money, and probably messing around with a lot of rules and laws related to that. With our legal card room, you do not have to worry at all about cash-outs or money withdrawals. The legality has allowed us to create unparalleled cash-out experience for you, our players.

Also, we give a lot of importance to the speed and convenience of real money withdrawals. We understand that the money you win playing with, or any other online poker room, for that matter, is very dear to you. It is our belief that the great software and amazing promotions that we have can never make up for a tardy withdrawal system. There have been countless instances of players preferring one online poker site over another merely on the basis of convenient cash-outs (and deposits).

The Quickest and Best Withdrawal System

It is therefore, very important to us that our players get the absolute best of services. In terms of quality, innovation, as well as reach, we want to be simply the best; and we,re prepared for it. offers a variety of options for you to access your winnings, when you win real money playing ring games and various real money tournaments. Please note that the money that shows in your account has already been deducted the tax amount, as per the regulations laid down by the Government of India. Thus, you do not need to pay any taxes on the winnings money that you withdraw. Tax is applicable (tax deduction at source or TDS as it is popularly called in our country) after winnings that exceed Rs. 10,000. Please click on TDS on Gameplay for more information.

When withdrawing, you have the option of taking out a portion of the total real money in your, or all of it. The following options may be used for you to receive your withdrawn amount.

Net Banking

With internet banking transactions accepted to and from all major banks operating in India, our net banking withdrawal option is often the most convenient for players. Players who are on the move often may want to avail of this facility. On choosing this withdrawal action, would initiate an NEFT transaction to the bank account quoted by you, for the amount chosen by you. Please take care that you enter the correct bank account details when choosing this withdrawal option. Any errors thereof wouldn't be detected until much later and would lead to unnecessary problems. 

Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is an electronic payment system, which authorizes a bank to wire funds from one account to another bank account. This transfer is carried out between the two concerned banks with no third-parties involved. This is a system of fund transfer that has been around longer than the internet banking procedures.

Bank Cheques

You can opt to receive your payments through a simple check with funds outbound from your account to your personal bank account. When you opt for this, you receive an account payee cheque payable at par all over India, from to your account. The cheque shall be sent to you by post, so please ensure that your address details are entirely correct in case you choose this option. It is an excellent choice for those who do not do a lot of moving around.

Cash-on-Demand is the only online poker operator operating anywhere in the world to provide the extremely convenient option of demanding withdrawals delivered to the physical address of the player. In a courier service like no other, you can opt for withdrawal sum to be delivered to your address.


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